Work with us - Much loved by Australians, blackwood has a long history as our finest cabinet timber.

There are good reasons for this.
Blackwood looks beautiful and it performs exceptionally well, making it our best fine furniture, joinery, tonewood and craft timber.

If you work with Australian blackwood we’d be delighted to work with you, whatever the scale or purpose of your project.

About FourSquare Timbers - A domestic icon because of its beauty and workability, Australian blackwood is now an international story.

This is because Acacia melanoxylon is widely naturalised on five continents, including Africa where the tree was introduced to South Africa’s mixed species forests over 100 years ago.

After some small-scale plantings as fire-break belts, Australian blackwood was planted as a ‘nurse tree’ in gaps in productive native forests. The aim was to control weeds and help the natural regeneration of indigenous tree species.

These original plantings found a hospitable environment and are now carefully harvested as part of an integrated native forest management program.

FourSquare Timbers is proud to be part of the international story of blackwood. We offer a reliable, continuous supply of mature age, select grade Acacia melanoxylon to the Australian market, with Chain of Custody certification.

Portfolio - Campaign chest

Campaign chest
Set of two, solid blackwood with American rock maple (drawer inners and runners) and recessed brass fittings

Portfolio - Bedside tables

Bedside tables
Made as part of an investigation into the aesthetics of complex structure, in partial fulfilment of a Bachelor of Design Arts (Honours)

Portfolio - Rustic kitchen

Rustic kitchen
Handmade kitchen for a mountain hut hidden at the headwaters of the Murrumbidgee River

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