About us - Who are we?

Like many involved in the timber industry, FourSquare Timbers is about lifelong passions.

Richard is a professional forester and entrepreneur. He has been involved in timber production in Australia for 45 years and brings extensive technical and commercial expertise to the company.

Carol brings analytical, communication and engagement skills through her long career in the humanitarian sector.

Together they share a love for the simple honest beauty and versatility of timber which, for Richard, began with a childhood apprenticeship in cabinetmaking and for Carol, reclaiming and restoring found pieces of early Australian furniture.

They run the business from their farm on the Southern Tablelands, where they also breed Angus cattle.

Why FourSquare Timbers?

The name FourSquare Timbers was chosen for the company to reflect the fact that to stand four-square behind someone or something means: to be firm in one’s support; to have an unwavering conviction; to be forthright.

All these sentiments are captured in Richard and Carol’s fresh approach to supplying quality blackwood into the Australian market …

  • they are firmly committed to blackwood as our premier furniture grade timber
  • they are dedicated to an ongoing and reliable supply of quality product
  • they adhere to the principles of integrity through the supply chain, from forest to processing plant, to trader, to customer.

Certification, Chain of Custody & Membership

FourSquare Timbers is about the benefits of wood, and its responsible production.

Richard and Carol have signed FourSquare Timbers up to the Wood. Naturally Better.TM Partner Program established by Forest & Wood Products Australia and Planet Ark. This promotes wood as a renewable, sustainable and versatile product which is a natural store of carbon for life.

They source their blackwood from forests with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. Chain of Custody documentation is maintained to verify that the timber is legally and ethically sourced from sustainably managed forests.